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Battling with Low Back Pain
Presented by Dr. Mat Pastore

Read Battling with Low Back Pain Presented by Dr. Mat Pastore to learn more about Breckenridge Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Chester, VA.

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“I Used to Battle With Low Back Pain Until…”

Our current Health Problem of the Month at Breckenridge Chiropractic is LOW BACK PAIN. Over the past few weeks, we have presented current scientific research and accurate education regarding this painful, compromising and all too common condition. This week, we bring you some testimonials, written by individuals who used to battle with low back pain:

“Prior to beginning my care, my low back pain would make some tasks quite painful. I believe chiropractic care is a process where you maintain your body at its optimal health level, which ensures you will feel healthy and great. Give your body a chance to be healthy in a natural way. Don’t talk about doing it, just go and do it.” – Fred

“Before I was under care, I often woke up in the middle of the night due to back pain; it was hard to get up out of bed in the morning and I was restricted in both work and family activities…chiropractic care is working for me and I’m sure it will for anybody else!” – Lance

“Prior to commencing my care, my condition would absolutely limit me. Sometimes (at my worst) my lack of flexibility and poor posture in my low back made even the simplest movement an impossibility. A close friend suggested I should come here, as he had noticed great improvement in his lifestyle and he felt my problems could be improved. They certainly have, and I say be positive, be persistent and begin like you are getting a second chance.” – Heather

“I used to have many sick days due to my back pain being so severe. A bad experience with a chiropractor made me very sceptical, but your team has not only corrected my problems, they have also ensured no sick days due to back problems!” – Chris

“Before getting under care, I constantly lived with the worry of my back ‘going out’ and, when it did (which was frequently), I would not be able to function properly for up to a week. I had previously had x-rays and drugs, but they were only band-aid treatments. After 4 years of care here, my daughter and I feel great! I think anyone with any back or other problems should definitely seek chiropractic help. It does work!” – Janine

“Chiropractic care is great. I haven’t been sick in the last three years I have been coming here, which is so important when you are a mom. Prior to beginning care, I couldn’t drive long distances, as my lower back would ache and I often felt stiff and tired. Forget the pills that everyone else seems to be popping in their mouths whenever they get sick or have pain. Get adjusted for life instead!” – Cheryl

Back Pain & Chiropractic Testimonials

“Over many years, I had reoccurring severe low back episodes that would put me in bed for at least 1 week. This happened 3-4 times every year. The last time it happened, I decided to get checked in this office. For the last five years, I have saved myself three weeks a year laid up in bed (and the loss of pay that went with it); that’s 15 weeks in total! I swear by it, and that’s why all the rest of my family now comes, too. I’ve probably abused my body my whole life, and now I must take care of it. I don’t want to roll around in a wheel chair. My advice is to start with your adjustments early. Believe in long-term health.” – Rick

“I have learned the importance of free nerve supply through regular adjustments. Prior to beginning my care, my back pain would give me dizziness and a general lack of coordination that was just plain scary. I had serious concerns about my future abilities to work and play. Six years later, I have more energy because of my regular adjustments. Lifestyle improvements mean freedom and energy to enjoy my favorite activities like surfing, jet skiing and dancing.” – John

“A few visits to other chiropractors who only attempted to treat symptoms and taking lots of pain killers were my old methods of dealing with low back pain. Sometimes, I spent hours or even days stuck in bed with sciatica. When nerve supply impulses are able to flow freely, your body will heal itself just like mine did. I like chiropractic care. I’m aware of how lucky I am finding it, both for myself and my son (who had a very badly subluxated neck). He no longer gets headaches and is a lot calmer. Now I feel great – I have no pain or discomfort. I am happy to be alive!” – Meredith

“I used to see a chiropractor once a month, but I now understand that more visits on a weekly basis is the way to go. Before coming into your office, I had pains in my left leg. I was unable to sit for long periods on the floor without pains in my legs and low back. These pains made it painful to play with my kids. The quality of care here is excellent – I know you genuinely care about my health!” – Dean

This is the last week to refer a friend, family member or co-worker who is suffering from lower back pain in for an initial subluxation check-up! Be sure to stop by our front desk today to request a “New Patient Welcome Pack” for someone you know with concerns about lower back pain.

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