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Welcome to Breckenridge Chiropractic's Success Stories Archive. Here you can learn more about Breckenridge Chiropractic, Chiropractic, and Dr. Mat Pastore, today's choice for Chiropractors in Chester, VA. Read Dr. Mat Pastore's Chiropractic Success Stories for the health of it.

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Knee Injury Success Story! No More Crutches!

My family was involved in a serious car accident in December 2010. When we first walked into Dr. Pastore’s office, I was on crutches with a knee injury and was in severe pain head to toe. I couldn’t sit or stand for any extended period of time without pain. I had severe headaches every day ...


Another Satisfied Patient!

When I first started coming to Dr. Pastore’s office I had lower back pain. I have been coming to Dr. Pastore for about 13 years. The pain comes and goes, but the adjustments help get me back on track. I have been to numerous chiropractors, and I like the style in which Dr. Pastore does ...


Low Back Pain from Auto Accident Success Story!

We, my wife and I, were involved in a car accident in December 2010. We found Dr. Pastore and decided to start treatment. When we first came in I couldn’t sit for very long, and was very limited in my ability to do normal everyday functions because of lower back pain. After several months of ...


Car Accident Success Story! No More Back/Neck Pain.

I came here because I was in a car accident and it injured my back and neck. My back was so tight that I was not able to bend over or lift things without a lot of pain. My neck was sore and also gave me pain in my shoulders. Since receiving chiropractic care from ...


No More Cane! ~ Patient Testimonial ~

I had to use a cane when I first started here and I could hardly walk. I still have some problems, but I am 98% better than the first day I walked in 10 months ago. F.K. 10/11/11 Richmond, VA

Success with Back Pain and Hands!

I’ve been coming here for about three years. Dr. Pastore has helped my back pain immensely. He works on my hands when they go to sleep and it is very helpful. I fell on my hand recently and he has helped me a lot with that. I have been coming for preventive care but if ...


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