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Auto Accident/Work-Related Injury Success Story!

After an automobile accident in 1999, several work-related injuries and years of playing sports, I had reached the point of no return. I had seen chiropractors all around the country and was never satisfied with my progress… then I found Dr. Mat. I noticed improvement within a couple weeks, was placed into physical therapy and followed his advice for diet and chiropractic care. I can honestly say now, without hesitation or reservation, that Dr. Mat’s care has been the reason for my improvement. I can play hard with my kids again and not worry about throwing my back out the next day; I can run and weight train again, all without next day injury or setbacks. My recovery time in between workouts and physical activities has been greatly reduced. I could not be any more content with my decision to go under the care of Dr. Mat.
Thanks to your awesome staff, too!

M.C. Chester, VA 8/16/11

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