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Patient Testimonial Video ~ Learn that Chiropractic heals more than back pain.

Weight Loss Seminar

Join us on Tuesday, Dec. 6th, at 6:30 pm for a free seminar on weight loss. All guests will receive a complimentary Body Composition Analysis (% body fat, % lean tissue, weight, height and hydration) that evening. Call 748-2763 to reserve a seat.

1,000 lbs Lost since June!

We are proud to announce that our Weight Loss Program has reached 1,000 lbs lost since June, as of yesterday. It's an excellent diet with amazing results. Women lose an average of 3 lbs per week and men lose an average of 5 lbs per week. Tonight is our free Weight Loss ...


Free Weight Loss Seminar Tuesday 6:30pm.

If you or someone you know is struggling to lose weight, please join us at our next educational seminar. With our 4-phase, easy to follow protocol, you will maintain lean muscle mass, lose fat and learn to keep the pounds off forever. Patients are getting amazing results with little effort. Call 748-2763 to ...


Leg and Low Back Success Story!

When I first started visiting Dr. Pastore I had leg and lower back pain. I’ve been coming here since 2007. It has eliminated a lot of my pain and stress on my back. I am a preventative patient. I will continue preventative care because I like keeping everything aligned and functioning properly, and it makes ...


Weight Loss Seminar ~ Oct. 11th