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Decompression Helped Me Recover from Spinal Stenosis

My original diagnosis was spinal stenosis. Constant pain day and night, over time able to do less and less. Condition got worse. Went to chiropractors, they weren't able to do too much for me. Had physiotherapy at the hospital Physio Clinic and they tried traction, just straight traction, and that almost seemed to make it worse. So I just had to grin and bear it and got onto stronger and stronger medication. The Physician said there was absolutely nothing that could be done for spinal stenosis. I think it's about 8 to 10 years altogether. I couldn't walk more than a few feet at a time and standing was nil. I either had to move or I had to sit. And most of the time it was sitting. If I could lie down I was OK, but I couldn't walk more than about 15-20 feet at a time and that was good. Constant pain and I would say from a scale of 0 to 10 that my pain was at least a 91/2 all of the time. We (my canes) never left each other; me and the canes were one. Immediately after the treatment I'm feeling pretty good ... I would say the pain, on a 0-10 scale, would be maybe a 3, which is a lot better than it was. I would really recommend anyone with a back injury use the SpineMED®. It sure has done a lot for me.

John Pauls - Fort McMurray, AB

No More Neck Pain and Numbness In My Hand!

In the spring of 2006, I awoke with a terrible neck pain and my thumb and forefinger on my right hand felt numb or asleep. Dr. Pastore gave me a series of treatments known as spinal decompression. I took four weeks of the treatments which were totally painless. By the end of the fourth week the pain was totally gone and most of the numbness was gone also. Dr. Pastore informed me that the proof of our success would be how I felt in six months or a year. Well, here it is seven months after the treatments – no pain – no numbness. Thanks Dr. Pastore and staff! God Bless you!

Jim T.

Success with a Capital S

Success with a capital S. I can now get out of bed every morning without the fear of “excruciating” pain!!


Decompression Helped Me Regain Movement and Get Back to Work

When I first came to Breckenridge Chiropractic, I could only stand or sit for about 5 minutes at a time due to severe pain in my lower back and pain and numbness through my right leg down to my toes. I began Decompression treatment immediately. Within a few days, the pain lessened from severe to moderate and I was back at work again after 4 days of treatment. Currently, after a month of treatment, the pain and numbness have lessened drastically and my agility is beginning to return. I have definitely recommended this course of treatment to my friends and family who have back and neck problems. Thank you!

Cathy S.

I Didn't Need Surgery Thanks to Spinal Decompression

Easter Sunday I bent over to pick up some books. Suddenly, I had excruciating pain and a twisted body and had a very difficult time getting up. I was walking very bent. After x-rays and an examination, Dr. P told me I had herniated disks. He presented a treatment plan to me and said if the plan was not working in four weeks he would release me for surgery. At the end of four weeks I was feeling very much better. My body was no longer twisted, I could walk upright, and do many of the same things I had previously been doing. It is good to have an alternative other than pills and surgery. A very satisfied patient

Doris R.

Back Pain Relief

Back pain and leg pain greatly improved.

Kenneth J.

Better Health for a Better Life!

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