Better Health For A Better Life

Our Weight Loss Coaching Team

Dr. Mathias M. Pastore, DC – Owner, Chiropractor

Dr. Mat’s interest in wellness began many years ago. He began reading about health and nutrition as far back as high school and made early changes in his own lifestyle to stay healthy. After many years of treating patients with chiropractic care, he found that he was treating more and more people who were suffering from inflammation. He saw many who were highly medicated (most often with cholesterol, blood sugar, anti-inflammatories, and blood pressure medications) and as he began to research this phenomenon, he realized Americans were getting sicker each year due to diet-related illnesses.

In 2011 he began offering the Ideal Weight Loss Program at Breckenridge Chiropractic as one of the tools to help his patients begin on a rewarding journey to wellness.

Mary Anne Pastore – Weight Loss Coach

Mary Anne is Dr. Mat’s wife and has been actively involved in the clinic since opening in 1993. She offers years of knowledge in the diet protocol while helping dieters on their journey to reaching their weight loss goals.

She is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Carrie – Weight Loss Coach

Carries’s strong passion for helping people through a healthy lifestyle allows her enthusiasm as a team member in our office to shine through. Having had her own personal experience and success with our weight loss program, she has become certified as one of our weight loss coaches.

She provides ongoing support and encouragement to her dieters with her warm smile, expertise, and enthusiasm for the Ideal Method of Weight Loss.